Ich freue mich auf dein Feedback! 

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    Kilchenmann Remo (Donnerstag, 23 November 2023 18:29)

    Sehr angenehme und wohltuende Massage, welche ich heute bei Kimet erleben durfte. Kimet ist auf meine Anliegen, Bedürfnisse eingegangen, so konnte ich befreit und relaxt den Nachhauseweg antreten. Nochmals herzlichen Dank liebe Kimet.

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    Ana (Freitag, 23 September 2022 11:35)

    Dearest Kimi,

    (apologies - this will be in English ;)).

    I cannot THANK YOU enough for all that you are doing for me - for my body & mind. We have been 'working' together on improving my health, looks & feel for a bit more than 6 months. And the great progress we have made is obvious not just for myself, but also for those around. Saying that you are a super professional is an understatement as you have been going the 'extra mile' for me - always with something 'new' in terms of exercise or tips, always with understanding and patience, always with a smile. You so much love what you do, that it has made me love training (even those HIIT killer exercises from earlier today) as well, to the extent that I can't wait for our next training, pilates, yoga, massage together.

    It is a total pleasure to have you guiding me through my 'change' journey - of my body, habits, how I think about health and sports in general. You are making the real change for me!



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    Yves (Samstag, 21 Mai 2022 10:58)

    Wirklich tolle Massagen zum Entspannen.
    Auch die Sportmassage lässt keine Wünsche offen.

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    Pasci (Freitag, 07 Januar 2022 23:31)

    Yoga einfach TOP

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    Pasci (Freitag, 07 Januar 2022 23:29)

    Die schönsten und besten Massagen ever!!!

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    Paul (Freitag, 03 Dezember 2021 13:03)

    tolle Yoga Stunden!!!


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